Competition rules


Competitors can defend their position, but without the way for the cars attacking them, which means that you cannot go out of line more than once per straight track. You can change the trajectory, but only once. Doing this more than once in a single straight stretch is considered to “cut the road”, which will result in a penalty.

The attacking car has the right to the car in front of it, only when it is placed to put the front bumper over the side before the door, that is, when it is more than half length beside the car you intend to overtake. So, watch out for “ram” style entrances, because the penalty will be triggered, in case of contact, unless you get overtaken by the car incorrectly overtaken. Racing-Room-Passing-Guidelines-attributed EN
If those who overtake irregularly cause a loss of control in the opposing car (overtaken), such as going off the road, the car that caused the irregularity will be penalized with 30 seconds at the end of the race, with a Drive Through, with a Stop & Go or with a disqualification, depending on the severity of the irregularity and the damage caused.
An irregular overtaking, according to the one explained above, will not be punished if the overtaken car does not lose significant time in the race and if the competitor who has committed the incorrectness is overtaken by the incorrectly overtaken car.


Flashing repeatedly, in order to annoy the competitor in front, is considered incorrect. We will take measures, applying more or less severe penalties, according to the situations. Who is this victim of the type of “bullying on the track”, can also expose what happened after the race. The penalties will be applied to the race itself, or to subsequent races, whether these are of the 4fun or championship type.


It is forbidden to use the chat during free practice, qualifying and race sessions. For messages to competitors, the Discord channel can be used, which displays messages in the top left when the user enables overlay mode.

In general, the rules to be followed in 4fun races and in the championships we organize are those of Blancpain and SRO, the two organizations that regulate the races of the GT3 championship.

But we want to clarify the regulation on blue flags.

There is a mischief in the general world of ACC that needs to be cleared up: Blue flag in GTs doesn’t mean you MUST let the car pass behind you, you come in F1. It’s just information for you. The etiquette says that if the car behind you is faster you have to keep your pace but don’t make defensive moves when the car is passing you.


Unlike Formula 1 races, the blue flags in GT3 races are informative and not representative. In GT3 reasons are used to INFORM the driver, for safety, that there is a faster car coming, they are not an instruction to let the opponent pass behind.


In Formula 1, the driver is forced to slow down to let the opponent pass behind him, and if he does not do so within 3 corners, he is penalized. This is not the case with GT3 and, therefore, not with ACC either.

If you look at the real races, in each of them the lapped cars will be among the others and will rarely give positions. Leaders often waste a lot of time lapping cars.

Conclusion on the topic BLUE FLAGS:

The dubbed competitor has the right to make his race, that is to make up the lost positions, which means that he has the right to overtake the competitors who have lapped him, to split.

The dubbed has no obligations, but a moral duty, which is to let the arriving competitor pass, so as not to prevent him from making his race, not to act as a stopper, when he is much faster. We repeat … it is a moral duty, not an obligation, so any complaint that will have as its subject a complaint about a dubbed competitor who has been shown the blue flag, will simply be ignored.

If you want to run by these rules, join us –


It is forbidden to swear and offend other members, both in chat and in voice. Arguments, arguments and quarrels are allowed, but always under the banner of good manners. In practice … do what you want, slaughter yourself, but without exceeding the limit allowed, which is that of offenses.

During the qualifying and race sessions, try to keep chatter to a minimum in the voice channels, because while it is true that sim racing is a hobby and a fun, it is also an activity that we take seriously, aimed at racers who take the sim racing seriously.



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