Italian Tarmac GT3 Championship


Welcome to the first championship organized by Progetto G!

Progetto G (G come Growth (Crescita in Italian)) is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to create opportunities for individual and collective growth, through the organization and management of sporting, hobby and recreational events, such as the Sim Racing, in fact. Whether you are a driver, a community or team leader, or an insider in some organization active in Sim Racing, Project G is dedicated to you. For further information on Progetto G, visit our website at e

The Italian Tarmac Championship is a small championship of three races on the tracks of Imola, Monza and Misano, three races that will take place every week, on Mondays, in October.

In addition to the technical information, specified in the appropriate section of this page (Settings and Scoring tab), this is the rest you need to know:

  1. Real World Weather – The server will restart for qualifying and the race, based on the weather conditions on the day of the event. – Weather info from –
  2. Prize – Plates (see below) for the first three drivers and gifts (drawing of lots) for 10 drivers, among those who have participated to all the three races.
  3. Live Broadcasting in dual language (ITA + ENG) – The competitions will be broadcast live online, with commentators both in Italian by Progetto G and in English by James Parfitt Broadcasting. There will be a direction with replay.
  4. Compulsory Briefing – 9:00 pm on the Briefing-pre-race channel of our Discord
  5. The use of Name and Surname in ACC is required
  6. SRO regulation especially in the application of the blue flag rules. – Click here for the race rules
  7. Ability to report to the race management for incorrect behavior by competitors.

To conclude … “ACC IS NOT A GAME” – This is our motto. We treat ACC as a real simulator, which means we drive the powerful virtual cars as if we were in real cars, in the real world. If you too embrace this motto and this driving philosophy, you are welcome among us.


Upload your custom liveries on the Awsome Sim Racing website and associate them to the Progetto G community collection Asfalto Italiano GT3. Click here to watch the video tutorial >>

To see the liveries of the other competitors, you must use their livery synchronization program (client).

NOTE: There is no CPU consumption because the livery files that are installed by the client are the ones that ACC uses for the sessions (therefore no LAG).

Link to free practice results

Final Classification of the Italian Tarmac GT3 Championship

# Driver Number Team Total Points
1 David Pertile 21 Team Racing Point 133
2 Simone Iezzi 858 Team Racing Point 132
3 Simone Palattella 32 Team Simpact Racing 123
4 Danilo Magnani 818 Progetto G 122
5 Mattia Brugnara 29 Progetto G 116
6 Manuel Catalano 575 Motorland Racing 114
7 Antonino Oddo 77 Progetto G 112
8 Stefano Re 95 Assetto Fakio 74 Team 103
9 Giacomo D’Angelo 57 Team Simpact Racing 101
10 Luigi Paccazocco 4 Black Goat Simracing 100
11 Alessio Del Dottori 33 Team Racing Point 99
12 Carmelo Trapani 2 Team Racing Point 93
13 Lorenzo Vasirani 47 Progetto G 90
14 Ciccio Milea 87 SFTI Team 90
15 Alessandro Mattoli 46 Progetto G 87
16 Giovanni Fradella 111 Progetto G 82
17 Patrik Bollotto 610 Assetto Fakio 74 Team 81
18 Leonardo Falliti 19 Reghium E-Sports ASD 81
19 Andrea Grappolini 93 Team Racing Point 73
20 Attilio Fasano 274 Black Goat Simracing 72
21 Claudio Putignano 55 Black Goat Simracing 71
22 Tazio Massetti 27 Reghium E-Sports ASD 70
23 Giuseppe Territo 7 Assetto Fakio 74 Team 68
24 Riccardo Polimeni 78 SFTI Team 68
25 Fabio Griffo 74 Assetto Fakio 74 Team 62
26 Luca Spezzani 71 Reghium E-Sports ASD 54
27 Pietro Saddi 29 SFTI Team 53
28 Marco Donegaglia 82 Reghium E-Sports ASD 45
29 Amedeo Castorino 100 Team Racing Point 45
30 Simone Zannoni 88 Reghium E-Sports ASD 40
31 Marco Bullega 200 35
32 Paolo Fabbrizio 30 SFTI Team 28
33 Ricardo Passos 52 AF Corse 27
34 Antonio Montagnani 13 PreciusLand Racing 17
35 Vincenzo Sica 167 SFTI Team 17


october, 2022

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