Incident Guide

Progetto G Incident Reporting Guidelines

If you have been involved in an incident during an official Progetto G race or qualifying session that you feel should be reviewed, we encourage the use of the incident reporting system offered by Progetto G.

All incidents should be submitted using the appropriate reporting form along with video evidence of the incident in question.
All Incidents MUST be reported within 24 hours of an event finishing, any reports submitted after this time has elapsed, will be rejected.

Reporting form:

Video evidence rules:
All reports MUST have video evidence attached – any that do not will be automatically rejected.
All video evidence MUST have the HUD on (showing driver inputs) – any that do not will be automatically rejected.
Any video that has had the speed changed from default (x1.0) will be rejected, unless accompanied by the same clip at default speed (x1.0).

What we would expect to see in the video evidence – Chase cam of both cars showing the incident, and then cockpit view of both cars showing the incident, with the HUD on.

The incident report and evidence will then be reviewed by the incident panel. Once the stewards panel comes to an agreement, the Progetto G Race Director will release the incident outcome in the relevant discord channel, including any penalties deemed necessary as a result of the incident.

Penalties & License Points:

Each incident outcome may include a license point addition, and also a league point penalty (taken from your current standings in a series), depending on the severity of the incident. Each driver begins a series with zero license points. License points are accrued throughout the season and are removed at the season’s conclusion. Repeat offenders and increasing license points will result in harsher penalties, up to and including consideration for league removal.

Please be aware that lap 1 incidents will be dealt with more harshly as drivers should be more aware/careful during this time when more cars are bunched up.

Depending on the severity of the offense, the following are examples of (but not limited to) possible penalties/incident outcomes:

License Point Penalties

League Point Deductions

  • Formal Warning
  • 2 License Points
  • 5 License Points
  • 5 License Points
  • 10 License Points
  • 3 League Point Deduction
  • 5 League Point Deduction
  • 10 License Points
  • 15 License Points
  • 10 League Point Deduction
  • 15 League Point Deduction

During a league, If a driver is found to be at fault for 3 or more incidents in a single race, they will automatically receive a qualifying ban for the next race – if they have already received enough license points to earn themselves a qualifying ban, this penalty will be upgraded to a race ban.

Accruing license points over the course of a season will result in the following punishments (points in parenthesis are for Mini Leagues, i.e. four or less race events in a single season):

  • 25 (15) Points: Qualifying ban for next event
  • 35 (25) Points: Qualifying and Race ban for next event
  • 45 (35) Points: Consideration for league removal


If you have received a penalty and you believe the incident was not your fault or you believe the penalty was too harsh, you may appeal the ruling. Any appeals should be sent directly to the Preogtto G Race Director by DM in Discord, they should include:

Clear reasoning as to why you believe the incident was not your fault or why you believe the ruling was too harsh.
Any additional video evidence you wish to submit which will back up your appeal.

We realise that going through the procedures above can be a painstaking process but we highly encourage anyone who is involved in an incident to submit an incident report. It aids Preogtto G in understanding the problems our drivers are facing and we can look to inform/educate in the hope of improving the quality of racing for everyone involved.

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