Community Racing Race Rules

  1. Drivers must drive in a predictable manner.
  2. We encourage drivers not to wait if they feel they are the cause of an incident, this might cause more incidents. Use the incident reporting available post race.
  3. Retiring or Rage quitting won’t be tolerated. If this happens it will incur the following penalties
    1. Retiring/Quitting with less than 25% Race Completion – 10 Licence Points
    2. Retiring/Quitting with less than 50% Race Completion – 5 Licence Points
    3. Retiring/Quitting with less than 75% Race Completion – 2 Licence Points
    4. Disconnects – 2 Licence Points
    5. No Show – Without Explanation – 10 Licence Points
  4. No racing in qualifying, the car behind has the responsibility of leaving enough room for both cars, if you invalidate a lap, please allow a faster car through. and be aware of exiting the pits.
  5. No discussing incidents in a public forum and no using the in-game chat box
  6. Incident form is available, all incidents need a clear explanation and clear video footage for the panel to review, within 48hrs of the race in question. We have an incident guide that will explain in more detail:
  7. All outcomes will be communicated with the drivers and explanations will be available upon request
  8. There is a Mandatory Driver Briefing before each race, everyone needs to be in the appropriate Voice Channel 10minutes before practice ends.. After that you are free to join private VC’s if you wish or stay in the Progetto G one
  9. If there is a server issue or any problems during the race this will be communicated within the in-game chat box

BLUE FLAGS – Read carefully

In general, the rules to follow in the 4fun races and in the championships we organize are those of Blancpain and SRO, the two organizations that regulate the GT3 championship races:

There is a general misconception in the world of ACC that needs to be cleared up: the blue flag in GTs doesn’t mean you MUST let the car pass behind you, like in F1. This is just information for you. The etiquette says that if the car behind you is faster you have to keep your pace but don’t make defensive moves when the car is overtaking you.

Unlike in Formula 1 races, blue flags in GT3 races are informative and do not represent obligations. In GT3 they are used to INFORM the driver, for safety reasons, that there is a faster car on the way, they are not an instruction to let the opponent pass behind.

In Formula 1 the driver is forced to slow down to let the opponent pass behind him, and if he does not do it within 3 corners he is penalized. This is not the case with GT3 and, therefore, not with ACC either.

If you look at the real races, in each of them the lapped cars will be among the others and will rarely give positions. Leaders often waste a lot of time lapping cars.

  1. The dubbed competitor has the right to make his own race, that is to recover the lost positions, which means that he has the right to overtake the competitors who have lapped him, to split.
  2. The lapped rider has no obligations, but a moral duty, which is to let the oncoming competitor pass, not to prevent him from making his run, not to act as a stopper, when he is much faster. We repeat … it is a moral duty, not an obligation, so any complaint involving a complaint about a dubbed competitor who has been shown the blue flag will simply be ignored.
  3. The fastest car must pass safely.
  4. The slower car must allow the movement to take place
  5. The fastest car may flash to inform the car that it intends to pass (optional), but this should only be done when you are about to make the move and not from a long distance back (excessive or inappropriate flashing can result in penalties)
  6. Make sure the pass is on a straight or before the corner
  7. Failure to eliminate intentions in a corner will put the driver to blame.
  8. If the fastest car has made it clear the intention to pass. Failure to authorize the move will result in warnings or penalties for the blue flag car.


Blinking repeatedly, to annoy the competitor in front, is considered incorrect. We will take measures, applying more or less severe sanctions, depending on the situation. Those who are victims of this type of “bullying on the track” can expose what happened, even after the race. The penalties will be applied to the race itself, or to subsequent races, whether they are 4fun or championship type.


Competitors can defend their position, but without cutting off the attacking cars, which means that you cannot go out of line more than once per straight stretch of track. You can change the trajectory, but only once. Doing it more than once in a single straight stretch is considered to “cut the road”, which will result in a penalty.

The attacking car has the right to the car in front of it only when it has managed to put the front bumper over the side before the door, that is, when it is more than half a length next to the car you intend to overtake. So, beware of ramming-style entries, because the penalty will be triggered, in case of contact, unless you get overtaken by the car incorrectly overtaken.
If those who overtake irregularly cause a loss of control in the opposing car (overtaken), such as going off the road, the car that caused the irregularity will be penalized with 30 seconds at the end of the race, with a Drive Through, with a Stop & Go or with a disqualification, depending on the severity of the irregularity and the damage caused.
An irregular overtaking, according to the one explained above, will not be punished if the overtaken car does not lose significant time in the race and if the competitor who has committed the incorrectness is overtaken by the incorrectly overtaken car.


It is forbidden to use the chat during free practice, qualifying and race sessions. For messages to competitors, the Discord channel can be used, which displays messages in the upper left when the user enables overlay mode.

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